We love to experiment and share new areas. All projects here are in early experimentation and looking for feedback, customers, and collaborators. Some are even open sourced!

Auggie 🤖: Bring GPT-4o to Windows

Bring GPT-4o to your desktop, without requiring a Mac. Auggie is a Windows application that can stream apps and screenshots to a multi-modal LLM (starting with GPT-4o):

  • Let GPT-4o "see" your screen to help with issues
  • Send screenshots and app data directly, no more copy/pasting
  • Quick launch with a keyboard shortcut

Learn more and try it out here

CrabGrab 🦀: OSS Rust Based Screen recording

Open source rust crate for multi-OS desktop screen streaming. Performant, made for Rustaceans, and ready for you to do things like:

  • Stream your desktop or a specific window to an AI Agent/Model
  • Create the next open source Loom
  • Add screen capture or streaming to an existing app
  • Dark mode from the start (key!)

See more on github.

Video Understanding API: Screenshare recording to structured data

Add screen based video understanding to your app. This API takes a video and returns structured data about the video. It's like a video to text API but for screen based videos.

  • Hook human workflows into your AI Agent of choice
  • Make auto-generated docs from your screen recordings automatically
  • Add a multi-modal search and Q&A capability to your desktop recording app

Coming soon! Contact for early access.

Graggnet: Human surrogates for AIs - April Fools' for now ;)

GraggNet provides a wide selection of human instance types to fit difference use cases. Humans come in a variety of sizes and abilities, so we’ve standardized to help you pick what you need. Pick from strength optimized (S1A, S1B), intelligence optimized for complex tasks IQ series, outdoors optimized for rugged terrain R series, and much more.

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