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your processes for you

Create documentation and an AI assistant from any video.
Record with our app, upload your own video, or integrate with our API.

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Screen Recording

Record your screen and
share deep knowledge

Simply record and let Augmend AI do the rest -
create summaries, docs, chapters, and more.

Generate Documents

Record it and Augmend will
build docs like SOPs, how-to
guides, and more

Save hours a week and get more done with
Augmend's video to doc generation tool.

Multimodal Search

Search and ask questions
across on-screen content,
vision, or audio

Whether it's code, video, text, or on-screen content,
our platform ensures you get what you need with fast
multi-modal search.

"Tribal knowledge should be accessible to everyone and not lost when a team member leaves or is away."
The average dev tenure is 1-2 years.

"As a principal engineer, I spend significant time writing docs, only to have to answer the same questions over and over again
over Slack or in meetings."
Sound like you? Let's change that!

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