> The Augmended (us, I mean) blinking terminal cursor

We're a team of pioneers and explorers who care deeply about AI, dev tools, and building for the future. If you are located in Seattle (or willing to be) and interested reach out to join@augmend.com

John, Liam, Tim, Diamond, Alex (intern), Dimitrios 🏴‍☠️
A little about us:
  1. Diamond Bishop, CEO/Co-Founder & Accelerator

    "I've been in the AI space for a while now, and I'm excited to be building Augmend to help teams mindmeld. Previously worked across a bunch of AI projects at Meta (PyTorch), Amazon (Alexa, AWS Games/Simulations), Microsoft (Cortana, Xbox One NLP), Lockheed (🤫), and more after finishing my MS in CS focusing on AI. Huge techno-optimist, excited for our accelerating future!"

  2. Tim Misiak, CTO/Co-Founder

    "I’ve always loved making dev tools that accelerate software development, and I’m looking forward to all we’ll be able to do with Augmend using AI as part of the next wave of software development technology. Formerly at Microsoft (Debugging Platform) and VMware (Hypervisor). Passionate about system design and diagnostics, and driven to build technology that helps people do more."

  3. Dimitrios Gklezakos, Founding Applied Scientist 🤖

    "Building intelligent machines that solve real-life problems is my mission. Human intelligence is my blueprint. I developed my inclinations further at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering and recently graduated with my Ph.D., specializing in AI. With the recent advances in the field, there hasn't been a more exciting time for someone like me, than right now. At Augmend I am working with a team of pioneers to induce a paradigm shift in the way dev teams coordinate and unlock tremendous productivity gains."

  4. John Emau, Founding Engineer & Front End Magician 🪄

    "I have a passion for automating things and building tools that empower developers. As a seasoned developer myself, including experience working the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers, I am excited to be building the next generation of AI tools for developers and beyond!"

  5. Liam Taylor, Founding Engineer/Rustacean 🦀

    "I’ve been enamored with all things math and electronics since three years old, so when I discovered software engineering, I knew I had found my calling. From flash games to operating system kernels, if it’s got code, I’m your guy! Here at Augmend, I’m excited to be developing the client end of our tech. Prior to this, I worked in Azure, Windows, and emulation related projects at Microsoft, and flexed my maker skills as a staff member at the University of Washington CoMotion Makerspace. Excited to be revolutionizing the way we share!"

Augmend’s purpose is to accelerate software development with AI-augmented collaboration tools. We build for dev teams and believe deeply in creating both multiplayer-focused and AI-first tools that work for more than just a single developer, in order to boost productivity for teams as a whole.