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.plan (working on)

  • Bring Your Own Video: Process your youtube, loom, and other non-intelligent videos
  • Alternative Doc Templates: Add the ability to generate docs for other types of interactions like weekly updates
  • API: Desktop Recording -> Understanding: Hook video and workflow understanding into your app directly

Request or view more on github

04.21.2024 - CrabGrab: Open Sourcing Screen Capture

Today we're excited to announce the open sourcing of CrabGrab, our rust based core screen capture technology. We've been using this internally for a while as part of the Augmend client, and we believe it's time to share it with the world.

  1. With OSS you can trust the client more, and see what's happening under the hood.
  2. As a dev you can even use it to build your own tools for screen capture (i.e. turnkey simple open source Loom)
See more on github

04.02.2024 - DocGen, Notifications, & More

March has been big with growing users and new use cases. We've heard from you that you want high quality auto-generated docs, easier ways to share, and a simplere onboarding experience, among other things. Here's what we added recently:

  1. DocGen: Auto-generate docs from your recordings. We've made large improvements in creating high quality docs you can drop into your favorite tools like Notion, Confluence, or Github.
  2. Doc view: New doc view to make the generate doc a first class citizen in the view when you share or read.
  3. (bug fix) Comments: can now be seen by anon users,
  4. Notifications: Get notified when someone comments on your recording (along with the ability to unsubscribe)
  5. Mac permissions flow: The old flow was a bunch of popups, we have a single pane to walk through now.
See more here

03.14.2024 - Edits & Comments

Less then one month after launch, we've added new features and spent a lot of time fixing bugs. We're excited to share the latest updates with you and will be sharing more here for future updates from here on out. Key updates:

  1. Comments: Spatial + time based comments for async feedback and programming. Don't just comment in a thread below (or at best inline) a recording, show me on the screen.
  2. Chat Q&A: Fixed some bugs hanging answers, and sped up response with streaming.
  3. Remember Mic and Video choice: Once you pick a default, save that for next time.